Imagine a place...

where the rugged drama of the desert meets the soft embrace of the sea. Where the beaches’ sands are so soft and pure they’re called Algodones (Spanish for “cotton”).

Your place is here.

On the shores of the sea of Cortez there’s a peaceful village where every day is marked by extraordinary beauty and time is measured only by the sun and the tide.

This is San Carlos, renowned the world over for its crystal waters, exquisite beaches, and an easy lifestyle guided by a love for the sea and all its gifts. It’s one of Mexico’s hidden treasures, and we want to share it with you.v.2.

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Playa Blanca. A new Luxurious Beachfront Condominium Resort

Inspired by this enchanting world, we’ve created Playa Blanca, a beachfront condominium resort designed to let you take advantage of every glorious day in ultimate comfort and impeccable style. Playa Blanca is situated on picturesque Algondones beach, one of the most beautiful and enchanting beaches in the world.