On your first visit to San Carlos...

you will admire the beauty of its landscapes, starting with the scenic corridor accompanied with “Tetakawi” a striking copper colored mountain, which symbolizes the city. The sea breeze, crashing waves, pristine beaches and elegant accommodations that make up this peaceful paradise, inspires visitors to explore the land, sail the water, go fishing, and discover its vibrant submarine life. San Carlos offers you much more than a beach…it presents an unlimited assortment of activities that will stay in your memory forever.

The Sea of Cortez, (the body of water between mainland Mexico and the Baja Peninsula) is legendary for its warm, crystal-clear waters and the amazing life it supports. Giant grey whales patrol its depths and graceful sea birds skim its surface.

Around the bay of San Carlos, groups of sea lions cruise around craggy islands that jut out of the bright blue water. Its bounty of sport fish has drawn fishermen here for generations, and its sheer beauty beckons to boaters, divers, and anyone who simply loves the sea.

Watch the sun dip below the horizon and ignite the western sky and you won’t be able to resist its call.